Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms Of Use

You must first register for a Bitleonex Account by providing your information on our website before you may utilize our payment services. You must have the legal capacity to accept both our Privacy Policy and these Terms of Use in order to complete the signup procedure. It"s possible that you"ll be asked to agree to more terms and conditions if you acquire additional services.

A user can only open one Bitleonex account with one KYC. Multiple accounts under the same KYC are not allowed.

By opening a Bitleonex Account, you affirm and guarantee to us that doing so does not conflict with any local, state, national, or international laws or regulations that apply to you. If you violate this provision, you are responsible for covering any losses we sustain as a result.

You are obligated to be accurate and true with any information you submit during the registration process and at all times following. We will delete your account if you don"t give the requested information or comply with our instructions within two (2) weeks of opening your Bitleonex Account, or within such other time frame as we may notify you.

If you are the designated account holder for each Payment Method, you may only add those Payment Methods to your Bitleonex Account.

We won"t be responsible for any loss that results from your failure to keep the information on your Bitleonex Account accurate and up-to-date, therefore you must always make sure it is. We reserve the right to request documentation or other forms of proof at any time, or to ask you to validate the accuracy of your information.

Terms Of Deposits

If you make a deposit to buy digital assets, please write your Bitleonex registered name, email, or Bitleonex member ID as the payment reference or comment.

You must always upload proof of payment after making the deposit. The proof of payment must contain the date, time, discretion or comment, and account number.

Above requirements must be met. If not, deposits will be declined.

Do notuse “Dollars“, “USD“, “Skrill,“ or crypto-related words such as “BTC“, “USDT“ or “BUSD“ on your payment reference. It is strictly prohibited and you will face a penalty fee of Rs.150. Your payment will be refunded back to your account after deducting the penalty fee if you use those prohibited words on the bank reference.

Any abnormalities in other banks and platforms are not our responsibility.

Refunds and Cancellations Policy

If the client doesn"t fulfill the term of the deposit, the deposit funds will be refunded to the same bank account used to make the deposit. There is a 60-minute order time limit to complete the transaction for both parties. The order will be canceled automatically if the transaction isn"t completed within the given time limit. If there is any problem regarding a transaction, the client must contact customer support within 24 hours for further instructions. We are not responsible for the mistakes made by clients.


Bitleonex account holder must be responsible for his/her account activity on their Bitleonex account.

You are the only person with access to your Bitleonex account, and you are not permitted to transfer any of your rights under the Terms of Use to anyone else.

Your Bitleonex Account is operated in Sri Lanka, and the laws of Sri Lanka shall apply to and be interpreted in accordance with these Terms of Use. Any dispute arising from these Terms of Use or in any other way relating to your Bitleonex Account must be filed only in court.